"Casa de menjars" Cherpi

(eating house)


The bar "Cherpi" was founded in 1952 by Daniel and Emilia Espert. Immediately began to cook and serve tapas, dishes of the day and canned snacks.

Soon it became a landmark in the neighborhood of Sundays' aperitives best known as "vermouth" and got to put tables on the sidewalk across the street from their own identities corner (Maluquer Passage) to the next corner (Balmes St.).

Nor does it take long years to become what is now the bar "Cherpi": an eating house.

"Eating house philosophy" is based on honesty. What can be done in a small kitchen to serve it well priced: home cooking, with recipes with fresh-market products and from their own family tradition, with special emphasis on stews and more elaborate dishes.

The idea is to serve dishes "lifetime", albeit elaborate cooking at a very attractive price.

Everything is cooked at "Cherpi" kitchen has a reason for being:

Mediterranean market cuisine: rice, vegetables and horatlises bought at fresh-market.

Catalan cooking: traditional family recipes that require preparation or Catalan elaborate dishes and, above all, patience.

The honesty of knowing what you can and can not reflect their own oral menu presented by the cook at the kitchen counter and in front of the already cooked and presented dishes.

The relief of the founders took their children, Rosa and Josep, and now are grandchildren who bring the "Cherpi."

Behind the kitchen is the granddaughter, Rosa, with her mate Carles, who already has been more than 10 years in this kitchen.

The grandson, Cisco, takes care of the bar and the room with the help of waiters who have passed the "Cherpi" and especially of Balbino, who has almost thirty years in the house and that is all a reference to the neighborhood.






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