Catalan home-made cooking

The cooking of "Cherpi" is based, how could it be otherwise, in family recipes and Catalan tradition.
Catalan home-made cuisine is a slower type of market-fresh cuisine: you must cook it slowly. As we say, making "xup-xup".
Among the most outstanding dishes that "Cherpi" cookers make of this specialty include:
classic breakfasts with knife and fork,
"Escudella i carn d'olla" (classic winter soup and stew),
"Bacallà a la llauna" (classic desalted salted-cod cooked),
Civet of wild boar,
"Cap-i-Pota" (classic dish with beef head-and-leg),
"Fricandó" (classic beef and vegetables stew),
Granny screws,
"All-i-oli" (garlic-and-oil sauce),
"Sanfaina" (Catalan kind of ratatouille),
the trotters,
These are the dishes Catalans we all know and Catalan outsiders would like to taste, but they are somewhat complicate cooking.

All these dishes are served to take-away.






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