Menu "a la Carte"

The way to provide customers with menu at "Cherpi" is singular:

The chef offers to customers menu orally, explaining what can be eaten and she shows it from the kitchen counter enabled for this purpose.

The trust Cherpi's mistress has in the food offered is such that the family use this method of offering the dishes to customers since many years ago. 

"Cherpi's" menu is different every season and many dishes change daily. It is based on fresh produce of the day and of the season, and therefore offers dishes that can be cooked with the best product.

However, there are "Cherpi's" classics that are allways provided, as are products that are based on any day.  

The first:

- Grilled vegetables,

- Black noodles with cuttlefish,

- Cannelloni (seafood, meat or spinach with goat cheese)*

- Fresh pasta with mushrooms*

- Rice (different every day: paella, black, with vegetables and mushrooms etc)*,

- Soup (different each day: vegetables, onion, fish, etc.)

- Beans and peas with garlic,

- Stewed chickpeas and other legumes,

- Granny Screws*,

- Sautéed Mushrooms,

- All natural Russian salad*,

- Baked artichokes (or baked hearts with sauce)

- Salads,  

The second:

- "Bacallà a la llauna" (dessalted salted-Cod cooked)*,

- Little Shoulder of country lamb with potatoes*,

- Trotters,

- Rabbit meatballs with mushrooms*

- Baked fish served boneless*

- Beef Meatballs,

- Roast-Beef,

- Rabbit Roast,

- Duck breast with Port Wine sauce,

- Civet of wild boar,

- Marmitaco Tuna,

- Stuffed squid,

- Pork tenderloin with mustard sauce and mushrooms,

- Partridge "en vinagreta" (in vinager sauce)*,

- Sardines in brine,

- Roast young chicken,

- Grilled meat and fish,  

Natural Desserts:

- Cheese cake with raspberry jam,

- Pears in wine,

- Catalan cream,

- Baked apple,

- "Flam" (egg pudding),

- Chocolate Cake,

- Etc.  

Lunch a la carte at Cherpi with starter, main course, dessert, bread and drink can cost about 20-25 €. 

* Best known dishes from "Cherpi."







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